Type of Pallets

We use various mixed local hardwoods for our pallet production. These materials are readily available locally to meet all your requirements. These woods are highly versatile and provide great strength and durability at a minimal cost.

a) Runner 2 way type
b) Blocks 4-way type

We also import renewable and sustainable timber from resources worldwide for our pallet production, including softwoods such as pine, spruce, and fir. These timber pallets are repairable and biodegradable, and result in a significant savings of released carbon dioxide, making them a preferential material for the environment.

All these types are alternatives to more traditional timber pallets. They have a favorable strength to weight ration, which can help save transport and fuel costs.

Metal pallet is a kind of heavy-duty pallet. Metal pallet is an excellent choice for long-term usage in the industry of manufacturing and shipments that requires a handy pallet which are fire-resistances and could be mounted in the rack. The metal pallet could be reuse for multiple time, could be sanitized when needed to use. Steel pallet could be used in food or chemical industries, medical and health industries.

KJH supply plastic pallets from both locally made or importing from oversea to service our clients’ variety specification requirements. Polypropylene plastics pallet is made of semi-crystalline plastics materials that is melted with high temperature to maintain the solid molecular structure. Hence, the PP industrial plastics pallet have the excellency in chemical resistance, good stiffness, good strength, and good toughness.


Sawned Timber Pallet components / Furniture Joinery

With our years of experience, we have evolved to become a major importer and distributor of softwoods and hardwoods supplied in the region. Our client has operations in the furniture, building and packaging industries. We pride ourselves with our established global network with connections and we exporting our wood components worldwide.

The following are our most commonly used wood materials for wood joinery production:

Scott Pine (Redwood)

Scott Pine, also known as “redwood”, is supplied to us primarily from the European continent. One way to identify this pine wood is by noting the heartwood of the…

Spruce (Whitehood)

Spruce is also a European timber woo. These are slow growing woods, with no clear distinction between the heartwood and sapwood. On average, it has a density…

Radiate Pine

Also known as ‘Pinus Radiata’ is a softwood that is a versatile, medium density product. This makes it suitable for structural and decorative applications in framing, glue-laminated beams, linings…


A family of hardwood with density of 670/kg/m (approx). It is suitable for furniture fitting with its strength properties similar to oak in term of compression along the grain, stiffness & toughness…