Wood Materials

Scott Pine (Redwood)

Scott Pine, also known as “redwood”, is supplied to us primarily from the European continent. One way to identify this pine wood is by noting the heartwood of the product; it is a visibly clear shade of red or yellow. This wood is very easy to work with, having an average density of 480kg/m3. When dried to a moisture content of 15%, and has a tensile and bending strength (N/mm2) of 100.

Spruce (White Wood)

Spruce is also a European timber woo. These are slow-growing woods, with no clear distinction between the heartwood and sapwood. On average, it has a density of about 440 kg/m3 when dried to 15% moisture content. This quality makes it an excellent material for load-bearing applications and lining exteriors. Additionally, spruce is excellent for use both indoors and outdoors. It has a tensile strength of 90 (N.m2) and bending strength of 75 (N/mm2).

Radiate Pine

Also known as ‘Pinus Radiata’ is a softwood that is a versatile, medium-density product. This makes it suitable for structural and decorative applications in framing, glue-laminated beams, linings, veneer, and plywood, just to name a few. The density of this wood is about 460kg-560kg /m3 ( MC12%) with a bending strength of 85.8 MPa.


A family of hardwood with density of 670/kg/m (approx). It is suitable for furniture fitting with its strength properties similar to oak in term of compression along the grain, stiffness & toughness. Birch works fairly easily. It can be planed and moulded to a good surface, glued, stained & polished satisfactory.